Become a Yahoo Store Merchant Account Reseller

Capital Merchant Solutions Inc has developed a strategic partnership program for Yahoo! Store Web Designers. You can now offer your clients a low cost merchant account that is 100% Yahoo store compatible, while at the same time you will be building yourself an extra monthly income stream.

Same Simple Setup Process

Our Yahoo Store Merchant Account utilizes exactly the same back-end processing network as all other Yahoo store merchant accounts (FDR Nashville). An MID and TID number will be issued for each of your clients. You will then be able to activate your client's account using the same quick and easy setup process you're already familiar with.

Add Extra Value To Your Services

Our low-priced rates and fees will provide your clients with an immediate savings over traditional Yahoo store merchant account options. To safeguard your customer's satisfaction, every account you setup is backed by our superior customer support.

Receive Monthly Residual Income

As a reseller you will share in the total monthly profits generated from every account you setup. Our price structure guarantees profits on every account regardless of their sales volumes. Your monthly residual income will continue to grow with each new account.

How To Signup As A Reseller

The first step towards saving your clients money and earning yourself extra income is to complete the following reseller application. We will contact you within the next 24 hours to discuss the details, and answer any questions that you may have.

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